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Bulk Used Linens

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Our wholesale used linens lineup includes linens, towels, curtains, and tablecloths with items such as heavy comforters and bed skirts removed if desired. These products are always sold in bales and when they are sorted into this category they are always post-credential or after-store grade. Any damaged items will be removed before shipment to ensure only quality linens are sold.

Wholesale used linens are a great way to stock your stores shelves and are an item that is a home necessity. Contact used clothing brokers Bank & Vogue today to place your order and begin the shipping and logistically process.

Bank & Vogue’s Role as a Used Clothing Broker

As trusted used clothing brokers, we thrive in the area of connecting buyers and suppliers of quality used materials that now have a renewed purpose. By creating and expanding markets both in North America and overseas, we’ve created expertise and built networks that you can leverage.

We encourage our partners and suppliers to be part of the solution as well. By selling / reselling linens and other bulk items, you’re doing your part to ensure that these goods don’t end up in landfill. That’s been overdone, something we call the Crisis of Stuff. As a leader in the wholesale used good industry, Bank & Vogue is committed to doing our part to mitigate this crisis.

Shipping Bulk Used Linens: Buying Or Selling

Bulk Used LinensThis product will have already been through the thrift and second-hand stores in North America.  Linens are normally baled for transport and have a minimum target weight of 40,000 pounds. The Bank & Vogue team will help you and your company with all the logistics of shipping the product, ensuring an easy shipping process for you and your business.

Contact us today for further information and shipping details. We pride ourselves as used clothing brokers who offer an easy shipping process and quality, bulk-used linens.

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