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Loading 40 Foot High Cubes


There is little room for error when loading a shipping container; each row must be loaded calmly and carefully. The average shipping container will fit approximately 45-47 bales loaded length-wise, totaling seven rows. It’s important to ensure you have five more bales than you need just in case. If a bale breaks, get it out … Continue reading Loading 40 Foot High Cubes

Beyond Retro Fashion gets the Vogue Magazine Royal Treatment


From charities and private graders in North America, to the retail stores in London, to local communities worldwide, and now to British royalty; Beyond Retro is creating a global connection based on eco-friendly practices and fair working conditions. In collaboration with its wholesale sister company, Bank & Vogue, both firms prevent over 90 million pounds … Continue reading Beyond Retro Fashion gets the Vogue Magazine Royal Treatment

Important New Shipping Requirements


New International Maritime Organization (IMO) shipping-container weight regulations are scheduled to come into effect on July 1, 2016. The SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Convention amendments, which require packed shipping containers to have a verified gross mass before being loaded onto a ship for export, are aimed at improving container ship safety. Accurate container … Continue reading Important New Shipping Requirements