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Rag News: September 2018

shipping crates

Global Trade Tariffs, NAFTA, and Used Clothing Much has been said lately about the U.S. Administration’s strategy on global trade and its trade policy. No one seems to have a clear sense whether that would have a direct impact on the used clothing sector. Maybe because the truth is there’s a lot up in the … Continue reading Rag News: September 2018

Recycling Mixed Rags is a Mixed Bag

recycling denim

  In the circular economy of clothes, most recycling is done through donations and second hand sales. But when thrift stores have clothes that still won’t sell, they are collected into what is called “mixed rags.” These clothes often have imperfections such as stains, tears, missing features or are simply faded. Sometimes these clothes after … Continue reading Recycling Mixed Rags is a Mixed Bag

Credential Clothing & The Sustainable Fashion Movement: What The Future Holds

throwing out old clothing in the trash

As the world becomes more aware about how we impact the environment around us, we pay closer attention to what we throw away or the impact of what we are purchasing. The average environmentally conscious consumer is making informed decisions about the brands and stores they choose to support. In some cases, people dedicate themselves … Continue reading Credential Clothing & The Sustainable Fashion Movement: What The Future Holds

Rag News: August 2018

preventing theft

After-Hours Thrift Donation Theft Theft of donations that are left at your store after hours has become a real issue regarding lost revenue. In order to combat the losses, thrift stores must find ways to counteract this trend, like for example: Ask donors through signage to leave donations only during regular attended hours. Provide a … Continue reading Rag News: August 2018