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Rag News: August 2021

Donate your Clothes! Donating clothing helps raise money for those in need, as well as aid in preventing unnecessary waste. There are many ways to donate clothing, but finding a place to donate your clothes can be challenging depending on your region. Logistics and time constraints are significant factors for clothing and other items being … Continue reading Rag News: August 2021

Rag News: July 2021

A circular economy in India Countries around the world have begun to implement a circular economy within their own economic systems. There is a huge potential for developing countries to adapt and implement policies that incentivize sustainable activities.  For instance, it is arguable that India is naturally a circular economy, since they seem to recycle … Continue reading Rag News: July 2021

Rag News: June 2021

The second-hand market in Tunisia Tunisia’s second-hand industry is one of the largest markets in North Africa. For many Tunisians, it is common to head to the flea markets on a weekly basis. The markets, known as frippes, are full of hidden gems. People can find Prada shoes, Versace scarves; they are full of unique … Continue reading Rag News: June 2021

Rag News: May 2021

Developing a Circular Economy requires intentional efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic made a big impact on economies around the world, with many businesses forced to close due to multiple lockdown measures to contain the virus. As a result, there will be many challenges as countries build their economies back and attempt to aid the damage done … Continue reading Rag News: May 2021