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Rag News: April 2020

Bank & Vogue presents the Rag News, the source of the hottest news to keep up-to-date on the global used goods industry.     “Bank and Vogue is running and fully committed to supporting all our customers and vendors” – Steven Bethell   What is going on in the marketplace?   Great Toronto Area (GTA)  … Continue reading Rag News: April 2020

Honoring the Kimono

  Celebrating the Japanese history The Victoria & Albert Museum has an exquisite exhibit that has just opened up in London, in honor of the Japan summer Olympics. The exhibition, “Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk”, just opened and it has already been such a success.  Additionally, the exhibit honors and celebrates the history and culture of … Continue reading Honoring the Kimono

Rag News: March 2020

The Footwear Industry: Change for the better In the recent years, more and more companies around the world have been adapting innovative and sustainable measures in the creation of their products.  Some major companies in the footwear industry, have made a tremendous change in their narrative for all sustainability matters. Specifically, companies like Adidas, Nike … Continue reading Rag News: March 2020