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Rag News: July 2020

The Rise of Second-hand Clothing Second-hand clothing has been on the rise in the recent years, but in the next 2-5 years it’s forecasted to increase exponentially. The second-hand clothing market is projected to grow up to $51 billion in the next five years. As the market increases, big box retailers see the potential of … Continue reading Rag News: July 2020

Rag News: June 2020

The truth about COVID-19 on second-hand clothing.  It is normal to wonder whether it is safe to buy and use second-hand clothing during this pandemic. Many must be asking themselves “Can the virus be spread through clothes?” The Bureau of International Recycling argues that it is unlikely that second-hand clothing can be infected by the … Continue reading Rag News: June 2020

Rag News: May 2020

What is going on in the Marketplace?  Great Toronto Area (GTA): Ontario government extended the shutdown until the end of May. Graders will need to sort through thousands of pounds in sitting inventory, once they reopen. There could be a reluctance to buy early on, until end markets stabilize. Texas: Businesses opening back up, they … Continue reading Rag News: May 2020