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Rag News: January 2019

Vintage clothing store showing denim

The Vintage Side of Discarded Denim Imagine, if one day you go back to your parents’ house and decide to help them with their cleaning. You open a dusty old trunk and you find a bunch of denim clothing inside. Here they are, your father’s bell-bottoms jeans from the 80’s; and this hippy denim vest … Continue reading Rag News: January 2019

Rag News: December 2018

pre-owned denim

Extra-Large Size Denim Items, How to Recycle Them? Every textile recycler aims to achieve zero waste. The ultimate goal is to prevent every garment from going to landfill. That is not always an easy task. For example, denim jeans are donated to your organization. You extend the life cycle of these jeans by putting them … Continue reading Rag News: December 2018