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Rag News: March 2018

Massive inventory of credential clothing Bank & Vogue

The Art of the Exchange Could your organization use some Big Box store returns such as bikes or clothing to supplement your thrift sales? If so, consider the option of trading a trailer load of like-new products in exchange for your mixed rags bales. In times when thrift stores have to be creative to raise … Continue reading Rag News: March 2018

Rag News: February 2018

Warehouse of packaged mixed rags Bank & Vogue

Capsacks: Rev Up Your Revenue Through Improved Packaging Every thrift store should know that capsacks are becoming a value-added packaging option.  Why? Mainly because this packaging option opens their salvage products to new markets, offering higher buy prices. Many end-users are now requiring this packaging, especially for loads going overseas. Capsack categories include:  paired used … Continue reading Rag News: February 2018