Credential Used Clothing

Credentials is an industry buzz word that refers to unsorted and untouched second-hand clothing in original bags donated by individuals.

Urgent Requirement:

Canadian Loose Credentials. (Min. weight 30000 lbs)

These are sometimes referred to as “original” donations. When we buy credential used clothes, they are still in the same condition as when they were donated to the charity or recycling company.

If you have ever dropped a bag of used clothes into a collection bin or brought it to a charity, that bag is filled with credential used clothing. Charities and recycling companies collect those bags, make sure they’re free of trash or wet clothing, and sell them in bulk to Bank & Vogue. We work with many different types of companies all over the world who buy these products for resale.

And we’re growing! That means Bank & Vogue is actively searching for new suppliers. If you represent a charity or not-for-profit that can supply us with credential used clothing, in bulk, call us.

How to Pack Credential Used Clothing

If you’re new to credential used clothing supply, packing may not be top of mind. But it’s important!

Credential used clothes are usually packed in bales for transport. We also buy them loose in full trailer loads for the domestic market.

Bales can be in the following sizes:

  • SMALL: 100-250 pounds
  • LARGE: 800-1000 pounds
  • EXTRA LARGE: 1000-1200 pounds

Credential used clothes are most commonly packed in large and extra-large bales before they are loaded on trucks and containers.

We buy credential second hand clothing for the North American market in 53’ trailers. For the export market, we load 40’ high cube sea containers.

For Sorting and Packaging specifications CLICK HERE

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