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Simplifying Sustainable Fashion


There is a perception in today’s society that fast fashion is easy and convenient, opposing sustainable and slow fashion which is complicated and expensive. However this is a false and harmful perception that only maintains an unsustainable fashion climate. Our demand for cheap clothes is increasing, meaning that fair and safe labour is sacrificed; poor … Continue reading Simplifying Sustainable Fashion

Debunking Eco Fashion Myths


There are many misconceptions surrounding eco-fashion that prevent many people from shopping more sustainably. This is unfortunate, as the average Canadian throws away approximately 70 lbs of clothing and textiles per year. Making the switch to sustainable fashion is an extremely effective strategy towards reducing this waste pileup. Here are some of the most common … Continue reading Debunking Eco Fashion Myths

Sustainable Fashion – Good for the Planet and Your Wallet


It’s not hard to believe that eco-friendly clothing is good for the planet, but many people believe that as a general rule, eco-friendly clothing is also much more expensive than the less sustainable alternatives. But this is not necessarily the case! Although most people understand that the fashion industry is a major polluter, and that … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion – Good for the Planet and Your Wallet

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